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Mar 10 2012

It sounds like the start to a bad joke:

Three corps members walk into a bar and…decide they’re moving to California?

Recently, two corps members and I went out to our local pub to get some dinner and drinks to celebrate one of our birthdays.  About an hour in, after we had been swapping stories about work, the song “California Dreamin” came on.  We paused.  We reflected.  We decided that maybe, just maybe, we should move to California and live out of my Subaru Outback.  With the seats folded down, it would sleep three disillusioned twenty-somethings, right?

Over the past year, I’ve learned so much–even more than I probably realize right now.  And one of those things is that you need a sense of humor.  You need to plan out the trip to California with a completely serious tone, even when you know that come tomorrow at 7:00 am, the only place you’ll be driving to is your school.

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  1. You guys could crash at my parents’ house in LA–my mom would probably feed you endless amounts of delicious Korean food.

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