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Mar 05 2012

It’s March. Seriously? Finally? …Seriously?

I have a school year calendar on the bulletin board in my apartment.  Literally, as soon as I get home every day, I get satisfaction from drawing a big, black line through that day.  Ha!  Over!  I won.  If I didn’t write the date on the white board of my classroom or cross out the day on the calendar every afternoon, I think I would have completely lost track of the month.  The days blend together because of the craziness that is being a corps member.  That, combined with my first snow-free winter…I’m all out of synch.

So when I look up and see six months of crossed-out days and three-ish months of untouched days, I think, March?  Seriously? Finally?

Back in September…okay, October…okay, November…I wasn’t even registering that March was a month that, in fact, would come.  I was surviving on a day to day basis, and I had no idea how I could make it through that week, let alone to some distant, mythic month of March.  Would I be alive in March?  Since I couldn’t answer that question non-sarcastically or non-morbidly, I put the concept of Spring out of my mind.

So I guess March is a testament to survival.  Congratulations, corps members of 2011.  We are over halfway done with our first year of teaching.  It’s a nearly impossible job, so that is a milestone worth celebrating.


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  1. Here I am, Send Me

    I love this. and completely agree. Finish strong.

  2. I had a similar epiphany when I got an email from my principal reminding us that third quarter progress reports are due this week.

    Hooray for surviving, haha.

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